Xtreme Chainsaw

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A couple of months ago I shot some promotional images for Xtreme Chainsaw, these involved the lovely Adele posing with chainsaws of various sizes.

Xtreme Chainsaw

Adele of Xtreme Chainsaw

Simon, who is the talented artist of Xtreme Chainsaw, normally carves things like this Heron. Remember this all done with chainsaws – amazing!

Heron carved in wood

Heron carved in wood by Simon Bogg of Xtreme Chainsaw

Well Simon has moved on to bigger things and is currently working on an almost life-size copy of a rider and superbike that will be auctioned at this year’s superbike meeting at Cadwell Park. I managed to get some shots of him in action at his workshops. Apart from getting covered in sawdust and gassed by 2 stroke fumes it was a great shoot. This guy’s talents are amazing, you will be able to see the finished carving at Cadwell Park in August but in the meantime here are some shots of him in action.

Simon Bogg

Simon Bogg of Extreme Chainsaw

Simon Bogg

Simon Bogg looking serious while carving

Simon Bogg

Simon Bogg of Xtreme Chainsaw

You can find out more about Simon on his website www.extremechainsaw.co.uk

All the shots of Simon were taken using my Nikon SB900 and SB800 flashes, for the one of him cutting the tree I used a half cut of CTO on the flash and set the white balance to tungsten, after a little tweaking in Lightroom it gave me the evening sun look I was after.

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