At Applephoto, we believe a portrait needs to be more than an image; it needs to capture something special: a personality, a word unspoken, a moment shared. And our love of photographing people knows no bounds; from innocent babes to those who can remember the “Old King”, we look for that sparkle, that indefinable quality that says who you are.

Don’t wait for a wedding or a christening. Every occasion is a special occasion so why not get the family together for a themed shoot?

Applephoto - Portrait Photography

Prices start from £50 for a one hour portrait sitting. Before the shoot, we’ll discuss with you what style you would like and advise on what to wear.

During the shoot, we’ll just have fun and afterwards we’ll upload the best images to our website with a password for you to view in your own time.

Unlike many high street studios, there is no sales pressure. You select the prints you want when you want, in the size you want, from postcard for your purse up to huge wall canvases.

We can also provide a selection of photos in an album, or how about a DVD slide show?